Purposes of Full Circle Family Church

Our church is organized for the following purposes:

  1. To demonstrate the efficacy of sharing, what we refer to as "God’s economy".
  2. To form and maintain a congregation of people who share one or more common places of permanent residence, who share common income and expenses, who support their children collectively, and who are collectively responsible for all the needs of its members, including food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, and other needs and amenities considered desirable and necessary, insofar as the community agrees to, and is able to provide them.
  3. To create a living model which offers its members no less than they need, which asks from its members no more than they can give, and which promotes the greatest good for all its members.
  4. To create and publicize this lifestyle in order to serve as an example of a social organization adaptable to the society at large and to promote the formation and growth of similar groups worldwide.
  5. To build a living model responsible for maintaining natural resources for itself, for future generations, and for all people and all other life forms through ecologically sound production and consumption.
  6. To create a living model wherein positions of responsibility are not positions of exploitation and which does not tolerate inequality through discrimination on the grounds of creed, age, sex or cultural background.
  7. To promote the truth that all people are members of one family, regardless of skin color, cultural heritage or nationality.
  8. To create a living model which is non-violent and non-competitive, wherein its members mutually respect, tolerate and even encourage cultural differences, while focusing on their similarities.
  9. To perpetuate the community in such a way that this lifestyle will be available to succeeding generations.